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At the Mediterranean Youth Development Foundation, we believe in the importance and necessity of networking. We welcome partnerships with stakeholders whose scope of work is related to youth development or falls within the Mediterranean region and its neighbouring countries. Those who are willing to provide logistical, consultative, or training assistance are encouraged to collaborate. We also welcome participation in the preparation, planning, and organization of any initiatives/projects that align with our mission and scope of work.

Organization Information

1. Organization Name:

   – (Text response)

2. Organization Type:

   – Non-profit

   – For-profit

   – Governmental

   – Academic Institution

   – Other (Please specify)

   – (Multiple choice or dropdown)

3. Country of Registration:

   – (Dropdown list of countries)

4. Year of Establishment:

   – (Year)

5. Website URL:

   – (Text response)

6. Contact Person’s Name:

   – (Text response)

7. Contact Person’s Email:

   – (Text response)

8. Contact Person’s Phone Number:

   – (Text response)

Partnership Details

9. Area(s) of Expertise/Interest:

   – (Checkboxes with options like Health, Education, Environment, Volunteering, Migration and refugees etc., and an “Other” option with a text field)

10. Describe any specific projects or initiatives you are seeking to develop through this partnership:

    – (Long text response)

11. Which call for funding you are interested in?

Key Action 1 (KA1) – Mobility of Individuals

Key Action 2 (KA2) – Cooperation among Organizations and Institutions

Key Action 3 (KA3) – Support for Policy Reform

Others (Please specify)

Volunteering Projects

Traineeships and Jobs

Solidarity Projects

Networking and Capacity Building Activities

Others (Please specify)

Research and Innovation action (RIA)

Innovation action (IA)

Coordination and support action (CSA)

Programme co-fund action (COFUND)

Others (Please specify)

ESAA  Projects

Others (Please specify)

Thematic Projects

Governance Projects

Youth-oriented Projects

Others (Please specify)

Challenging inequalities – call for proposals

Young civil society leadership program

ALF knowledge for action

ALF hands-on – call for trainers


Others (Please specify)

  • Grants offered by embassies
  • Other (Please specify)

12. In what capacity you would partner on this call?

– Leading the project

– Participating as a co-applicant

– Open to either leading or participating as a co-applicant

– Other (Please specify) 

Final Questions

13. Please upload your PIF or your info file about your organization.

(File upload)

14. Is there anything else you would like us to know about your organization or your interest in this partnership?

    – (Long text response)

15. How did you hear about this call for partnerships?

    – Social Media

    – Website

    – Email

    – Referral

    – Other (Please specify)

    – (Multiple choice or dropdown)

More info about us:


Thank you very much for your interest in cooperating with MYF.  You will be contacted within 5 working days.

Contact Person: Mr. Alaa Motawea


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