Privacy Statement for the Mediterranean Youth Foundation

The document shall explain the applicable privacy allocations, considerations and provisions governing the Mediterranean Youth Foundation (MYF) online outlets, including, but not limited to, MYF designated official website, mailing lists, social media pages and other interactive systems of virtual nature, with the purpose of illustrating applicable rules, terms and conditions. The collection of user data, on individualized and group basis, as per required operations, shall adhere to Egyptian Law Number 151 of the year 2020 as well as European Union General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and other regulations like EU 2018/1725 decree and the updated European Council 23rd of October 2018 order. In parts of this statement, the Mediterranean Youth Foundation (MYF), would be referred to as “the organization” to stress on the institutional nature of this framework and the implications arising from this statement. 

Objectives behind the data collection procedure:

  • Cultivating quantitative and qualitative information: for the purpose of supporting the decision making process for of planning activities, projects, volunteer and member recruitment in addition to better understanding our target audience and online visitors and readers.
  • Allowing the submission of questions and answers for analysis and interactive communication via application forms, commentary, newsletter and query forms as well as written texts on audio-visual and virtual meeting forms as well as other interactive supporting systems and tools online.
  • Establishing ways for analyzing the effectiveness of our virtual content through detecting location, interests, preferences and other online behavior parameters of users to inspire a more robust and more customized user experience. Statistical analysis tools for tracking and categorizing online user experience maybe used. 
  • Contributing to internal and external reporting to the organization’s designated stakeholders, donors, local and international contributors and regulators. Such reports would use user-collected data to discern effectiveness of online campaigns, extent of exposure and reach as well as efficacy of the organization’s digital marketing strategies.
  • Creating applicable databases of users of interest and potential target segments for better dissemination of information on opportunities, current, or future campaigns, or news of interest.
  • Establishing mechanisms for receiving and managing suggestions, grievances and other forms of feedback.
  • Support the record management process for operations and recruitment for keeping an accurate, timely and updated audit trail of the organization’s activities for quality control and assurance purposes.
  • Adhering to local and international laws and procedures as per applicable jurisdiction and governmental mandates.
  • Carrying out important logistical arrangements in lieu of the organization’s activities that require surveying the needs of selected attendees. This shall include, but not limited to, any disclosure of disabilities, dietary restrictions, mental health triggers, or warnings, age (for possible need of guardian’s consent, or lack of need to do so), health considerations, cultural / religious sensitivities, etc.
  • Establishing an information profile of our users / target segments, applicants, or beneficiaries to maximize our commitment towards achieving equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion targets of the organization.
  • Receiving financial related data from applicants / users and beneficiaries who may be required, in lieu of their designated participation, to contribute financially to the organization, either in the form of full payment of attendance fees, expenses and other costs, or partial.
  • Collection of supporting documentation, attachments, credentials, qualifications and other required articles / pieces of information that would be needed to determine the eligibility and merit of selected users / applicants for participation in events, open calls, awards and other opportunities / projects.

Important Considerations:

  • Participation in the organization’s activities and operations is optional, hence, users are responsible for their virtual / online presence, interactions as well as any participatory / non-participatory activities. By using the organization’s online / virtual resources, users provide an implicit consent to this Data Privacy Statement. There could be additional consent procedures, according to each online resource / outlet / venue belonging to the organization, but not necessarily so. In cases where explicit consent is not requested in order for users to benefit from the full range of offered activities available on the organization’s online / virtual resources and assets, the implicit consent, by virtue of user’s willful visitation / interaction / participation and usage of the organization’s online resources, would be assumed and utilized as a legal basis of collecting and using user’s data.
  • Users understand and accept that, in lieu of their explicitly submitted, or implicitly recognized consent, that their data would be subject to being shared, analyzed, categorized, sorted, combined and shared with designated internal and external stakeholders as per the organization’s needs and requirements. This consent would not only be exclusive to the particular user participation in a single event, function, or usage of a resource belonging to the organization, but could be extended towards other currently held or future activities. For example, users submitted / collected information could be used to support the organization’s recruitment effort for personnel, volunteers, applicants, collaborators and other targeted beneficiaries via nomination, or keeping a “roaster” for a particular talent pool. It could also be used to keep past, or present offenders from accessing the organization’s activities / resources, be it virtual, or physical.
  • Due to the international nature of the organization, user data may end up being shared internationally as required by international stakeholders that may include international implementation partners and their designated contractors, international volunteers / focal points, funding organizations (NGOs, public bodies, private donors, etc.) and organizations of diplomatic status (embassies, ministries, law enforcement, border control, Judicial bodies, etc.).  User’s data consent (explicitly submitted, or implicitly recognized), shall be inclusive of such transfer.
  • Online users submitting their private data via online means, especially sensitive identity, job, financial and familial information, would be responsible for discerning that they are using the right platforms, right websites and tools for information submission. In cases of the utilization of a contractor / 3rd party, hired by the organization, or one of its partners, to collect data from users for logistical, or operational needs, the user hereby confirms and affirms that the organization wouldn’t be necessarily responsible for risks associated with this data sharing and that any losses that occur from such data sharing shall be subject to direct grievances and legal responsibility of this contractor / 3rd party. Data sharing to those contractors / 3rd parties shall be the responsibility of the user and the contractor/ 3rd party themselves, without any liability on the organization.
  • Users maybe requested to provide their approval, when submitting requests for joining our informational newsletter, towards receiving offers, announcements, or calls onto their respective emails / phone numbers. Users would have the choice to accept, or reject such offering.

Data Storage

User data would be kept, in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations for as long as required / needed by the organization’s project management teams, the local and international stakeholders. The holding period may differ as per the required auditing, monitoring and evaluation requirements and preferences. Since the organization is involved with a myriad of projects of variant timelines and reporting requirements; user data would be held and stored according to the designated timeline of the concerned project that the user’s data would be relevant for. For the sake of this Data Privacy Statement, the user may assume that the data would be stored on perpetual / indefinite basis unless storage costs, record management / optimization, change of online platforms, retirement or updates may require user data deletion.

Some activities carried by the organization would eventually have its digital records being passed / transferred to another organization for either evaluation and monitoring purposes or sustaining the activity in the future upon conclusion of the initial round of that activity, transferred user data, as per such move, shall be subject to the data privacy rules and regulations of the new hosting party of that activity.

In case the organization got consolidated within a larger foundation, network / consortium of NGOs, alliances, the user data storage and transfer would be subject to the new governing terms and conditions of this new consolidated organization / body / party.

Opting Out process:

Unless specifically asked for user consent via affirming agreement with this statement, or disagreeing with it, users, by proceeding and continuing to use the organizations virtual and online assets / resources / tools, or by interactively communicating via online/virtual outlets and venues, would imply their continued and renewed consent to the data collection procedure. If specifically prompted, users may click the designated disagreement option button / pointer / choice at the risk of not being able to fully access the organization’s online / virtual resources.

Legal Disclaimer:

This statement is subject to updates, changes, amendments and consolidation as per the organization’s changing operating procedures. Users wouldn’t have to be notified regarding the applicable changes. Users are advised to keep themselves informed of the changing data privacy statement as applicable at each usage and it is their sole responsibility to do so. In case there have been points of contention, not covered already in this statement, then any subsequent litigation due to such dispute would have to adhere to the tenants of the law mentioned specifically within this statement and their updates as per both Egyptian and the EU Commission standards and regulations mentioned earlier within this document.

Contact email for queries regarding the Data Privacy Statement:

In case you have queries about the Data Privacy Statement of the Mediterranean Youth Foundation, please email:


Summarized Paragraph:

The Mediterranean Youth Foundation (MYF), in its mandate towards fair and equitable experience for its audience, strives towards utilizing the user data towards supporting its activities, projects and community-service mission and values. Accordingly, this Data Privacy Statement, developed as per Egyptian Law Number 151 of the year 2020 as well as European Union General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and other regulations like EU 2018/1725 decree, would work as a preliminary framework for managing the online/virtual user experience of the organization’s online/virtual platforms, tools, pages, resources and assets. The Mediterranean Youth Foundation (MYF) would strictly utilize users’ collected data towards carrying out its operations as per the organization’s incorporation licensed objectives and planned operations and not towards commercially inclined endeavors. Users shall refer to the Data Privacy Statement available for viewing and printing at this link: [insert link for Data Privacy Statement]


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