Mediterranean Initiative for Human Rights Education through Art and Sport

The project is the first Egyptian Mediterranean-oriented initiative, addressing human rights education through the use of art and sports as effective tools to promote a culture of human rights and relevant topics, including (quality of life, freedom of movement, human fraternity, social inclusion, cultural pluralism and the preservation of national identities). The project targets young individuals aged 18 to 29 years, with a specific focus on those who have less access to opportunities and who face social, cultural, economic, physical, or geographical challenges, or a combination of all of these factors.

The project also employs the non-formal education approach in all of its activities, and operates through a top-down methodology through building formal, international, and regional partnerships and advancing public policies of concern/action. Simultaneously, it operates using a bottom-up methodology through capacity-building of young people to change for the better in their small communities, reaching up to higher levels.

Additionally, we utilize a peer-to-peer education and learning strategy (from youth to youth). The working methodology also allows dialogue on the concept of human rights education. It facilitates the exchange of experiences and best practices at the level of individuals, institutions, and countries in relevant topics including (human rights education curricula, human rights education practices and policies, mechanisms for promoting human rights, mechanisms for evaluating progress in the field of human rights education, peacebuilding, and how to build community initiatives related to human rights and their intersections).

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